Winter 2016-17

News about HOPEFUL?!? future  - Letter in PDF.


Summer 2016

Breaktrough of John Hus program in Public schools - Letter in PDF.

Winter 2015

News abou growing Christian speakers ministry and great new team member -  Letter in PDF.

Summer 2014

Preparation for the Daniel weeknds in the Czech Republic and DANIEL leadership INSTITUTE - read here.

Winter 2014

Miracle of Bible Lesson distributed via Goverment education department webpage.... reade here

Summer 2013

Finishing the Teachers Master Degree and Growing network of Christian techars in The Czech Republic here

October 2012

I am back on the track, but not as I would like to be. Praice God what He is doing. Read here.

March 2012

Things are sometimes going different directions, what we expected... read more here.

November 2011 update

Prayer update of Life and Ministry of Christian Outdoor and Ethics workbooks.


September 2011 News

You can read about National Suervey among young people and conference for The christian teachers.

New projects of EThics textbook is starting. Christian outdoor ministry is starting a new organization.