Novemebr US trip & first snow

I spent two week in November out of Czech republic in Illinois – Chicago, Bourbonnais & Peoria with great time of 30 meeting.

I was praying:

  • For opening new partners for School of leaders and their teachers and we have one new foundation willing to partner.
  • for 15% grow of my ministry support and  received  one time gifts to cover three month of these 15%.
  • For renewing of  Women Ministry and Christ Community Church decided to have Czech women ministry team as one of their main projects and we have nice group of new people willing to pray for our renewed start.

The most I praise God, that I had over 100 personal contacts during my US visit and received a lot of inspiration and encouragement and I can continue to do the ministry in Czech Republic with great group of people behind in prayers.

We enjoyd our first snow in mountains at the end of November.



Personal & ministry prayer requests:


Nada – restoring joy in her job. Nada likes her administrative work in accounting, she likes the colleagues and she is straggling in understanding of organization leadership.

Miriam & Nela and their youth group “Lighthouse” are looking for gym, where they can play Volleyball twice a month as their contact ministry.


Honza – first semester at University is in the second half and lot of paper writings need to be done besides the ministry responsibilities.

Internship program is starting third month with Seminars Gospel of Mark and Holy Spirit and we pray for our teachers: Mark Hancik (Moody B.I. graduate from Czech R.) and Dave Patty (Josiah Venture president) and our ten interns and other guests – to experience Gods word changing the life of  students.

School of leaders started all their four groups with first weekend trainings for more than 60 students and we pray for Gods wisdom to prepare our new school of leaders conceptions more focused on regions and mentoring. Next two weeks we will have education team and JV Czech board meetings to work on it.






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